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I really love when people ask me questions about the hijab, because it means that you’re showing an interest in who I am and what I believe in. LOVE. IT.

Since the moment I started wearing the hijab however, I’ve noticed that many people are uneasy asking me questions about it. To a a certain extent, I don’t really blame you. It can be intimidating or just uncomfortable asking someone at random why they choose to wear what they do in the name of their religion, so I totally feel you. But, I thought that I would put this post out there because when we are too afraid to ask questions, we start coming up with our own answers, and that can turn real bad real fast…

So, without further ado, answers to some questions–

1. Why do you wear it? 

I really feel that any answer to this question would be an oversimplification, nonetheless, a long & in depth one. In the future, I plan on dedicating an entire post to this one question, so let me know if you would like to read about this. I really can’t give the question justice without pouring my heart and soul into the answer, so I’ll save it for another time.

2. When do you have to start? 

One thing I love about Islam is that not everything is so clear-cut or black & white. Islam is definitely an understanding religion, and so in many cases, the answer to a question will depend on you. So, I’ll give a variety of answers. The most simple answer would be when a girl hits puberty. This is when individuals become responsible and accountable for their behavior in Islam, and is a marker of an individual’s transition into adulthood. However, many girls decide to wear the hijab or become accustomed to modest clothing before the age of puberty. On the other hand, many girls choose to wear hijab later in life, whether that be when their 22 or 75. Once again, it really depends on your level of comfortability with wearing the hijab, and when you feel ready to undertake the responsibility of wearing it (and yes, it is a responsibility).

3. Is it necessary for Muslim women to wear the hijab? 

Literally, the hardest question for me to answer & also a very controversial and highly debated one in the Muslim community.

Keep in mind that my opinion differs from other answers on this thread and that I can not speak for every Muslim. For some, Hijab is believed to be  a non-negotiable necessity in Islam, and is a mandatory form of modest dressing once one reaches the age of puberty. Personally, I believe that the hijab is a mandate by God, and therefore, it is one’s Islamic responsibility to wear it. However, I consider the decision to wear the hijab to be a big one, and therefore think that it must be left up to a young women herself. I truly believe that someone should make the choice to wear it only when she fully understands and feels ready to commit to the decision.

4. Who do you have to wear the hijab in front of?

It is permissible for a Muslim women to take off her hijab in-front of her Mahrams (any relative that she is not allowed to marry). So, you do not have to wear the hijab in-front of your parents, husband, grandparents, siblings, children, grandchildren, siblings of parents, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, sons-in-law, and any females (I’m probably forgetting a few more people).

Simple answer: Basically, if I can marry you, I have to wear the hijab in front of you.

5. Does the hijab apply to both men and women? 

Conceptually, yes. Islamic values of modesty apply to both men and women ​and the responsibility for making good choices in this regard falls on both boys and girls equally.​

6. What are the different kinds of coverings worn by Muslim women? 

Hijab. Niqab. Burqa. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?? Lol. Imma insert a pic for the sake of simplicity. 

The burqa is the most concealing of all Islamic veils. FullSizeRender

7. Don’t you get hot in the summer!!??

YAHHHH. Sometimes my hijab steams on the soccer field lol. No pain, no gain amirite. 

8. Are you allowed to wash and cut your hair? 

Hell yeah! I don’t wear my hijab in the shower or at home, so that answers the first part of the question. Also, when I go to the hair salon I get my hair cut in a private room.

9. Is it offensive to try on a hijab? 

Not at all! In fact, its actually quite fun trying on the hijab and figuring out how to style it.

10. Are you bald? If not, what do you do with your hair then? 

Bruh. No, m’dear, there’s actually a lot of hair under here. And I sooo know about all those long hair, short hair, ombre, and blonde streak trends. Depending on whats comfortable, I’ll do all sorts of different things with my hair under the hijab. My classic go-to style is a messy bun clipped up.

If you have any more question about the hijab, send them my way!!

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See you soon,